Tarantino on…Tarantino

“I wish so many directors would’ve stopped when they were good. One bad movie fucks up your filmography – your grade point average is gone, it is officially fucked up. And then, here’s the thing, the keep on making movies, keep fucking their average down even further and even further. I don’t want that. I’m all about my filmography. That is the most important thing. I want to go out with 100 out of 100, at the very least 95…What I want is, ten years from now, 20 years from now, 30 years from now, some 12 year-old kid discovers my movies, thinks I’m a groovy dude. And i want him to be able to pick any one of them, any one of them at all, and it’s gonna burn with the same fire all of them did.”

Quentin Tarantino


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