Is Hardy the guv’nor?

It is time to hark back to one of my earlier, less-abused articles in which I wrote that Tom Hardy was a “supporting actor’s supporting actor” and this was a role in which he found comfort and seemed perhaps settled. Since then however, has been the drawn-out production of his hotly anticipated biopic Legend in which he played, wait for it…(and you’d never have guessed this) not one but two, yes TWO characters, in notorious twin gangsters Reginald and Ronald Kray.

When this was announced, a mere 17 months ago, there were rumblings of this being, if Hardy played his cards right, his true breakthrough into A-list status and, dare I say it, Legendary status. I was more excited about his portrayal of the Krays than anyone I spoke to.

I have tried to stay as clear as possible from the film’s reviews to make an independent verdict when I finally see it in the coming weeks. Be sure to check back to hear what I think, I’m sure you’ll be delighted, as many are when they read these posts.

One thing I have noticed is that it has a lot of 4* reviews, but more people have probably noticed the 2* review than any…

P.S. I wrote this while watching ITV’s new crime mini-series The Trials of Jimmy Rose in which Ray Winstone stars for once as a menacing cockney thug (finally). Can’t help but wish Legend had been made ten years ago starring Winstone as the Krays, he is magnificent.


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